The Aviva Method in a nutshell

The Aviva Method exercise technique is quite simple to perform, and after initial guidance, can be done at home. Through an intensive and methodical repetition of carefully structured movement sequences which focus on the pelvic area (upper hips and lower abdomen), blood flow and local heat are increased, thereby revitalizing the reproductive organs, as local blood vessels are dilated and the internal organs massaged.

As a self-healing technique, the Aviva Method allows the practitioner to take control over her own body and be more in tune with the hormonal changes that occur through her lifetime, while increasing inner strength. All this benefits her ability to deal with the emotional stress that goes alongside lengthy and often complicated fertility treatments, easing the way towards a substantially increased chance of conception. Practicing the Aviva Method balances the hormonal system by reducing high levels of FSH, and improves symptoms and syndromes such as PCOS.

The best results when using the Aviva Method are achieved by building a tailor-made exercise sequence and training program, specifically for each practitioner, according to her particular health issue, individual fitness level and learning pace. The program’s are based on the medical and hormonal history of the patient and her current medical condition and diagnosis: whether Amenorrhea, IVF treatments, menopausal symptoms, etc.

The importance of adhering to the exercise sequence recommended is paramount, as is doing the sequences at specific times. Different hormonal imbalances or reproductive health issues require different sequences to be performed during specific dates and times of the menstrual cycle. Persistence and commitment to the exercise program are key to success.

Once the Aviva Method is learned, it can be done with easy guidance. Later on it can be done at home, using simple handbooks with specifically tailored exercise programs.

The Aviva Method categories

1 Menstruation

For many women, menstruation – and its accompanying hormonal fluctuations – is an uncomfortable, unpredictable and painful experience, often affected by emotional and environmental factors. The Aviva Method exercises, when done regularly, can manage and control menstrual symptoms, even in medically diagnosed conditions. Significant improvement, or complete eradication is possible.

The Aviva Method successfully treats:

2 Fertility

Practicing the Aviva Method exercises balances the hormonal system and changes the pelvic floor set-up, increasing healthy blood flow and substantially advancing the likelihood of natural conception. An enabled physical and mental control (as opposed to emotional and physical stress, which disrupt normal hormonal functioning) aid the process. This is as true for usually healthy women suffering from ‘secondary infertility’, where stress and fatigue interfere with conception, as it is for those unable to fall pregnant at all – reducing the need for invasive, expensive and unnecessary fertility treatments.

The Aviva Method successfully treats:

3 Menopause

Menopausal symptoms can be overcome naturally, and without the use of hormones.

The Aviva Method successfully treats:

4 Male Fertility

Practicing the Aviva Method exercises regularly allows men control over their reproductive health, giving them the chance to improve their sperm count, erectile functioning and manage prostate health naturally. Just as for female fertility, the exercise sequences for male fertility are composed of pelvic movements: using the hips and lower abdominal region and increasing control and blood flow. But the exercises for men do not include aerobic activity, and are of shorter duration so as not to heat the pelvic area and disrupt spermatogenesis (the sperm production process) and sperm quality.

Since the data collected on the beneficial effects of the Aviva Method on male fertility are scarce but extremely meaningful, the Aviva Method Information Center is looking for volunteers to collaborate in performing and managing clinical research.

The Aviva Method addresses:

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